Chaz Miller


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Science, Not Wishful Thinking, Should Guide Recycling Programs

Chaz Miller, President, Miller and Associates


Recyclers seem to be down in the dumps over lousy markets and stalled recycling programs.  Chaz Miller will look at the state of recycling today with an emphasis on what we recycler and the goals we at tempt to achieve.  Does recycling need a reboot or a return to the basics?   What are realistic goals for recycling and how should we measure success in the future?


Chaz Miller’s career in waste and recycling spanned four decades with stints at the US EPA Office of Solid Waste, the Glass Packaging Institute and the National Waste and Recycling Association.  He testified on waste and recycling issues at Congressional and state hearings and spoke at conferences throughout North America.  He was a plenary panel speaker at the UN Zero Waste Conference in Tokyo and spoke at a paper recycling conference in China.  He is an ex officio member of the Board of the Northeast Recycling Council.

Although he is now retired from full time work, he consults and continues to write his award-winning column “The Circular File” for Waste360 and to speak at waste and recycling conference sin the United States and Canada.  He was recently named Chair of the Montgomery County Zero Waste Task Force.  When he is not keeping up-to-date on recycling and waste, Chaz loves to swim, hike, and play with his grandkids.  He is an avid fan of Maryland’s lacrosse teams.