Pre-Conference Workshop

Mixed Paper – What Will We Do With It Now?

Presenters: Bill Moore, President, and Dan Gee, Senior Associate, Moore & Associates

The Mixed Paper market in the U.S. remains in an oversupply condition and with very low prices since China’s withdrawal from accepting our imports.   

The first part of the Workshop will focus on the Global, US, and Southeast region supply and demand of Mixed Paper. From the demand side, the shift to alternative Asian markets (other than China) will be covered with an emphasis on issues associated with those markets.   

Secondly, we will examine pricing of the grade: historical, current, and future trends. And lastly the Workshop will cover increasing capacity in the US to consume Mixed Paper and the emerging Mixed Paper pulp operations being proposed.  

A separate registration fee of $67 is required for this workshop.  Space is Limited.

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Pre-Confernce Workshop Speakers


Bill Moore

Bill Moore, President, Moore & Associates

Bill Moore is an accomplished senior executive and environmental expert with more than 40 years of experience across the chemical, solid waste management, recycling, paper, packaging, and related manufacturing sectors.


Leveraging extensive experience as an environmental business professional and pioneer in the paper recycling industry, Bill provides valuable insight for companies in need of guidance on strategy due to changes in commodity pricing, markets, and technology; facing environmental issues; or interested in sustainable business practices. His areas of expertise include leadership, start-ups, generating growth, sales and marketing, market analysis, market trends, price forecasting, operations, regulatory affairs, global business, and environmental issues.


Dan Gee

Dan Gee, Senior Associate, Moore & Associates

Dan Gee is a Senior Associate of Moore & Associates and the president of Recovered Paper Consulting, LLC, a firm designed to provide a variety of services to the paper recycling industry.  He has been involved in forest products for 38 years, with the past 22 years in the paper recycling industry.   He began with the Weyerhaeuser Company in lumber & building product sales, and quickly moved to the paper recycling business in Charlotte, NC.  He advanced in sourcing, sales, and brokerage gaining experience in the southeast, mid-west, and northwest U.S. and Canadian regions.  After the International Paper acquisition of the Weyerhaeuser brown paper business, he managed the national brokerage business and west region sales/brokerage.  Dan has a unique combination of skills and geographic experience in procurement, sales, export, management, and leadership with strengths in communication and meeting facilitation.   He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Forest Management.  Dan and his family reside in the San Francisco bay area.