Betsy Dorn


Presentation Title

Domestic Recycling Market Development Strategies and Opportunities in the Southeast and Beyond

Betsy Dorn, Principal, Circular Matters LLC


As a result of the Asian recycling markets situation, interest in domestic recycling market development is increasing. But what exactly is recycling market development and how is it done?  What are some of the key recycling market development opportunities that exist today? What can be done by states...local governments...industry stakeholders?  In this session these and other such questions will be answered by one of the most experienced recycling market development specialists in the United States..


Betsy Dorn is one of three Principals at Circular Matters LLC, a consulting firm specializing in sustainable materials management solutions and circular economy building. For 30 years, Betsy has been a consultant assisting public and private sector clients develop waste management and recycling plans, evaluate policies and operations, and launch new recycling programs. Over the course of her career, Betsy has completed numerous recycling market development projects including several state recycling market development plans and assessment of recycling market development opportunities for a variety of recyclable commodities.  Prior to becoming a consultant, Betsy managed Mecklenburg County (Charlotte), N.C.’s Recycling Division for 6 years.