Steve Wong


Presentation Title

East Asian Recycling Market Update

Dr. Steve Wong, Chairman, Fukutimi Recycling Co., Ltd.


This presentation will examine regulatory changes and crackdowns by authorities in Southeast Asian countries and their impact on recycling markets.  The presentation will also review recycling industry trends with regard to various types of plastics and provide a review of solutions to areas of concern through government, industry and general public collaborative efforts.


Born in Shantou, China in 1957, Steve is the founder and Managing Director of Fukutomi Company Limited which was established in year 1984. Being one of the leaders of the plastic recycling industry, Fukutomi operates in a global market with its well-established networks and affiliates worldwide including: mainland China, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Australia, US as well as South Africa. Apart from plastic scrap recycling through its processing facilities at Hong Kong, Vietnam and Penang, Fukutomi is also a manufacturer of plastic products through its associated company: Fukutomi (Shantou) Industrial Company Ltd., with manufacturing facilities spanning a plant area of 94,667 sq. meters. With environmentalism being Steve’s business philosophy, Fukutomi is committed to investing in technologies and equipment for improving the efficiency through new applications for plastic recycling. Fukutomi’s mission is to maintain a fresh, healthy and comfortable living environment for the next generation and contribute to the global sustainable development.