Paul Hurst

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Paul Hurst, Recycle Coordinator, City of Tallahassee


Working in cooperation with your municipality’s Growth Management and Building Permit section can reap significant benefits on the front end of the process by insuring that adequate space and access for Waste Management infrastructure and vehicles are designed into new commercial developments. 


Paul Hurst  City of Tallahassee  Recycle Coordinator Paul is virtually a life-long resident of Tallahassee and has been employed with the City of Tallahassee for 17 years.  During his tenure with the City he has worked in Environmental Compliance, Safety and Training and for the last 9 years has been the Recycle Coordinator responsible for all aspects of the City’s recycling programs.  Before filling his current position, Paul was a project management and marketing representative for a waste logistics company.  Paul was also employed as the Environmental Compliance Manager at a Georgia-Pacific wood products plant.  Mr. Hurst’ other professional experience includes environmental consulting at a wide variety of locations across the U.S. and worked on the environmental compliance team at a BASF manufacturing facility.  Mr. Hurst is a graduate of the University of South Florida and has been SWANA certified as a Recycling Systems Manager.