Michael McSween


Presentation Title

Advancements in Quality Measurement Technologies

Michael McSween, Head of R&D and Quality, merQbiz


Discussing advancements in quality measurement technologies given the "new norm" driven by China. And how more quality insights and data both on the procurement side and selling side can empower companies to make more informed transaction and business decisions.


Michael McSween serves as Head of R&D and Quality for merQbiz®.  In this role, Mr. McSween oversees the development of quality solutions for customers and a team of technicians responsible for paper quality inspections.  He also leads merQbiz R&D efforts to leverage technology and data that power the product roadmap and solutions through actionable insights.  Prior to joining merQbiz, Mr. McSween worked for Voith Paper in various Quality and Operations roles and has been in the industry for 20 years.