Igor Beylin


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Bulky Rigids & 3-7: Maximize Value & Guarantee Movement

Igor Beylin,  Owner, Universal Commodity Services, Inc.


Universal Commodity Services, Inc. is advising facilities producing export grade mixed plastic materials to convert to a “Domestic Pack”.  Doing so will take less than 3 months and will yield quantifiable results that will last for years to come.  It is our intention to guide you through this transition phase so that you are able to produce the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time with minimal disruption to your operations.  This will enable you to maximize the return on your investment of machines, labor and contracts.  


Igor Beylin is a 15 year veteran in the post consumer plastic recycling space.  He has pioneered rigid plastic recycling in the early 2000's and Universal Commodity Services operates a sort/wash/grind and pelletize facility in Malaysia.  Igor has helped MRF's across the country to improve diversion of non-bottle plastics by providing education & guidance on the best way to produce the quality product that reprocessors and end users require.  He is passionate about improving our environment and the bottom line of his clients.