David Keeling

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“STEEL” Here and Making Recycling Almost Look Easy!  

David Keeling, Director-Recycling, Steel Recycling Institute


As communities begin the process of reevaluating the list of materials collected in their curbside programs, let’s not forget about maximizing steel diversion by including all the types of steel cans and possibly other obsolete steel items in your collection efforts. With magnetic separation and an extensive network of processors, as well as vibrant end markets, maximizing steel diversion in your curbside collection makes economic sense in this time of uncertainty for recycling program administrators.


 David Keeling is the Director-Recycling for the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI). He is a LEED Accredited Professional in the United States Green Building Council. 

Mr. Keeling’s recycling related responsibilities include working on the state, county and municipal levels to maximize steel recycling, as well as enhance the steel recycling infrastructure and developing additional end markets for post-consumer steel.