Dana D’Souza

Presentation Title

Food Scraps and Organics:  Positive Downstream Transformations and Job Creation
Dana D’Souza, Environmental Analyst, Skumatz Economic Research Associates (SERA)


Research on the statewide impact of expanded food scraps recovery / composting programs shows the impacts on improving the viability of commercial composting ventures, driving state-based food production, and enhancing the local food economy, including jobs and revenues.  To accomplish this, SERA analyzed data on residential / commercial food scraps / compostable materials, developed and compared tonnages /market flows from a status quo and a higher achieving approach to recover food scraps / compostable materials, and used a well-vetted state / national input-output model to estimate job and economic output effects of the scenarios. Details and results will be discussed.  


Dana D'Souza has almost 10 years of experience in solid waste program and policy analysis with the research firm Skumatz Economic Research Associates.  She has conducted work for national and international clients with projects from California to New York, and in between.  As a consultant, Dana has extensive experience in running stakeholder meetings, researching and conducting benchmarking work, and developing detailed case studies.  She has written articles for Resource Recycling, and given presentations at regional, national, and international conferences. She served on her town board for 6 years as trustee and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.